Any disputes involving family issues can be stressful and here at Elliott Bridgman we understand that you will need clear advice from a sensitive lawyer who will guide you through the process.

We have a dedicated family team who can assist you with a wide range of family matters including:

When disputes arise about children it can be a stressful time for all people involved. If you require advice about your rights relating to a child Elliott Bridgman can offer a sensitive/ efficient and thorough service.

We can advise you throughout the matter from an initial attendance outlaying your rights and options all the way through to Court Proceedings and beyond.

We pride ourselves in offering advice on all issues regarding children from disputes about residence and contact to more serious issues such as applications concerning human rights.

All advice given is child focused and we aim to provide you with a thorough understanding of your rights and how a Court may consider any application made.

We understand that when any relationship breaks down it can be a confusing time and you may need clarification regarding your rights on a range of matters from legally separating to children and finances.

We offer expert advice on a range of issues from formally ending a relationship by way of divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution to Annulment and Void marriages.

Suffering Domestic Abuse can consist of a range of things from controlling behaviour to physical and emotional abuse.

We are here to help you if you need advice regarding any matters related to Domestic Abuse and provide a 24 hour helpline on 07831 828629.

Our dedicated family team understand the hardship you can suffer in a relationship and are trained to act instantly on instructions received by you.

We are able to arrange appointments at short notice in cases of Domestic Abuse so please do not hesitate to call our family team now on 01952 684544.

Elliott Bridgman understand that sometimes when a relationship ends one party may suffer some form of harassment from the other party.

If you require advice regarding harassment then we are here to help. We have a dedicated team who are sensitive to all issues concerning harassment and we can act quickly and effectively to make your life easier.

We can assist you from writing initial letters to the other party to representing you in Court and obtaining various orders to make your quality of life better.

Adoption and Special Guardianship Orders are made by the Court and have significant consequences for all people involved with a child.
We understand that if you are connected in any way to a child who may be made subject to these orders then you will need clear and concise advice about rights that you may gain or lose.

We can answer all your questions related to Adoption and Special Guardianship Orders so that you are prepared in the event that an Order is granted by the Court.

The local authority will often fund your legal fees in receiving the advice for you to make the right decision

We understand that if you are threatened with the removal of a child- either from your home or even to another area of the world you will require urgent advice regarding your rights and options available to you.

We can arrange an urgent appointment for you to discuss your worries and to offer clear advice to clarify any concerns you have.

Please call on our 24 hour helpline if it is an emergency on 07831 828629

After a relationship has ended many people find that issues arise about which party the children of the family will live with and how much contact the other party has with the children.

This can be a confusing time and you may need advice regarding your rights and arrangements for the children. Here at Elliott Bridgman we can help you with such matters, from initial correspondence with the other party to Court proceedings if an agreement cannot be reached informally.

We are able to arrange appointments at short notice in cases of emergencies involving children.

Parental Responsibility is important to decision making for a child. This can include the need to give consent to medical treatment. Any parent that does not obtain parental responsibility but is involved in their child’s life should think about gaining Parental Responsibility.

Where there is a working relationship between both parents this can often be achieved by agreement. We can prepare the Parental Responsibility Agreement for you and in the event that agreement cannot be reached we can represent you in a Court Application for a Parental Responsibility Order.

We will tell you what is needed and how much this will cost.

When people divorce or separate, often there are financial issues that need to be resolved such as what will happen to the family home?, who will have the furniture? What will happen with the family business?.

Our team is experienced in dealing with financial matters and can assist you to negotiate the best possible settlement and where necessary can represent you in Court proceedings to resolve matters.

Whether you need initial advice or representation at Court we can help.

We offer an initial consultation for a fixed price of £100.00 & vat (up to 1 hour)

Elliott Bridgman’s family department consists of individuals motivated to providing you with effective advice and who can act quickly on instructions. We will always advise you where legal aid is available.

So don’t hesitate to call the family team now on 01952 684544 to book your appointment or contact Beth or Katy through email.

Our Solicitors are Members of the Law Society’s Children Law Accreditation Scheme.

Remember – the quicker you call us the more we can help!


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