We have specialist experienced and caring lawyers available to help you with the full range of children matters.

Private Law Children Cases

At Elliott Bridgman we understand that divorce or separation can lead to difficulties in resolving issues relating to the children and we are here to guide and advise you to achieve the best outcome and solutions. We can advise and assist in relation to Child Arrangement Orders both in terms of where a child should live and also with whom the child should spend time (contact).

If you wish to obtain a Special Guardianship Order for a child in your care we have a dedicated team available to help you. If you are a family member or carer that has cared for a child for sometime and wish permanence for that child in your care then you may wish to consider seeking a Special Guardianship Order.

Our dedicated team is available to discuss this with you and can represent you stage by stage in any court proceedings.

Sometimes parents cannot agree on an area of a child’s upbringing such as which school a child should attend, which religion that child should be brought up in or whether a child should be able to move to live in a different area of the country or even be taken out of the jurisdiction. We can assist with such issues and can represent clients in court proceedings that may be necessary to determine the same.

Parental Responsibility is important to decision making for a child. This can include the need to give consent to medical treatment. Any parent that does not obtain parental responsibility but is involved in their child’s life should think about gaining Parental Responsibility.

Where there is a working relationship between both parents this can often be achieved by agreement. We can prepare the Parental Responsibility Agreement for you and in the event that agreement cannot be reached we can represent you in a Court Application for a Parental Responsibility Order.

We will tell you what is needed and how much this will cost.

There are times when a parent needs to take action to seek to prevent one parent from taking steps in relation to a child for example to stop a parent removing the child from the other parent’s care,or to prevent the child from coming into contact with someone. We can advise and assist in relation to these issues.

The Team at Elliott Bridgman regularly advise and assist Grandparents who may be experiencing difficulties in seeing their grandchildren, whom have a grandchild living with them or who have concerns about their grandchild.

Public Law Children Cases

If your Local Authority Social Services Department warn you that your children may be removed from your care you should take legal advice straight away.

Legal Aid will usually be available. If you are a parent or a person with parental responsibility legal aid will be available to you regardless of your earnings.

Whether you are a parent, family member or guardian for a child if there is a threat of removal of a child from your care you should seek advice from a Solicitor immediately. Advice should always be obtained at an early stage even if you have not received notice of an intention by the Local Authority to take court proceedings. If social services are involved in connection with the child Elliott Bridgman can give immediate advice about how this can be avoided and will attend social services meetings with you. You should contact us at an early stage and we will do what we can to help you.

Mark Bridgman is a member of the Law Society Children Panel and are regularly appointed by the Court and CAFCASS to represent children in court proceedings.

We are dedicated to providing representation for children in emergency proceedings and will always be available to represent children at court hearings at very short notice. Contact can be made with Mark Bridgman on the 24 hour mobile telephone number 07831 828629 for immediate help.

If you are seeking to adopt a child in your care this is a very important decision for you and for the child involved and you should obtain independent legal advice. Elliott Bridgman can advise you on the availability of funding, the merits of your application and can represent you throughout all stages of court proceedings including initial application through to the Final Hearing for an Adoption Order.

If the Local Authority has applied to the Court for a Supervision Order, you should seek advice from a Solicitor immediately. Advice should always be obtained at an early stage so that you can be fully represented throughout the Court proceedings.

Whenever Social Services are involved in connection with a child, the Family Team at Elliott Bridgman are here to advise and support you and can attend Social Services meetings with you. Our team has the experience and expertise to guide you through this difficult time.

Mark Bridgman is on the Law Society Children Panel and is available to represent children. If you are a child and the Local Authority is seeking a Secure Accommodation Order for you we can represent you within court proceedings. Your voice is important and an urgent visit will be set up to see you immediately.

Elliott Bridgman has a dedicated team that has built a high reputation in Public Children Law. We offer solutions to individuals throughout Shropshire and the Midlands.

The Director Mark Bridgman is a member of the Law Society Children Panel and specialises in all aspects of public children law including complex cases. As an experienced Solicitor with Higher Rights of Audience in civil proceedings Mark Bridgman can appear for clients throughout all stages of their case including representation in the High Court.

Beth Tutchener-Ellis has over 20 years experience in dealing with the full range of family and children matters. Beth has assisted thousands of clients and has a caring approach to resolving matters and helping clients to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01952 684544 or alternatively request a call back through our website and a member of our Team will call you promptly or contact Beth or Katy through email.


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