Buying and Selling Property

We all know that Selling and Buying a property can be a very stressful experience.

At Elliott Bridgman we understand how important it is to have a friendly, efficient and personal service.

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality and competitive service to our clients.

Our Conveyancing team will guide you through all the stages of the process, keeping you informed in a professional yet understanding way.

We can assist in many types of property transactions, for example:

Our fees cover all the work required to complete the sale of your property. We do not make any additional charges for redeeming your mortgage (unless Help to Buy mortgage) nor do we charge any additional fees for property’s that may not yet be registered at HM Land Registry.

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Our fees cover all the work required to complete the remortgage or mortgage of your property.

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This is a more specialist area and one in which we are sympathetic to Clients needs.

It is critical that Clients are properly advised when transferring property from one person to another as this will possibly have implications over your home and future ability to reside in it.

We will arrange to meet with Clients and gain a full picture of the Clients wishes. We will then explain the best course of action. In almost all cases one of the parties will need to seek independent legal advise as we may not advise both sides where the advice may be to the detriment of one party.

Please contact us for further information or to arrange an appointment.

This is very similar to a Transfer of Equity and we will be able to represent one party and will need the other party to seek independent legal advice.

The first step however is to arrange an appointment with one of our team and we will guide you through the process and ascertain exactly what your requirements are.

Did you know that once you have bought a property at auction you are legally bound to buy it as you have already exchanged contracts?

We are more than happy to advise Clients on auction property in advance of the auction. In almost all cases there will be paperwork available prior to the auction so that the Purchaser can ascertain whether they wish to purchase the property.

If you do your homework and collect the paperwork we can review it for you – please call for a quote. This could save you thousands of pounds in the long run and is well worth it!

If you buy Leasehold at Auction for example can you be sure that the previous Leaseholder has paid their dues to the Landlord – if not you could end up paying these for them.

Again, once you purchase at Auction there will be a timescale to hit, don’t worry, we are always aware of deadline and work hard to make sure they are never compromised.

Our Conveyancing team is dedicated to offering our clients a compassionate, dedicated and friendly service. Regardless of who works on your matter they will be supervised by Mr Mark Bridgman, a Solicitor and Director of the Firm.

We are certified as a member of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme recognised by The Law Society of England and Wales.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01952 684544. Alternatively request a call back through our website and a member of the department will contact you.


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